RTFeed HP® High Peptides 500 ml – Mixed Fruit Flavour (Sugar Free)




Introducing RTFeed HP: The Premier Choice for Simplified and Efficient Nutritional Support

In the realm of clinical nutrition, RTFeed HP emerges as a revolutionary advancement, marking its distinction as India’s first ready-to-use semi elemental liquid protein diet. Specifically formulated for individuals requiring enhanced nutritional support, RTFeed HP combines convenience, efficiency, and precision in a groundbreaking liquid formula that is transforming patient care across various medical fields.

Simplified Dosing for Enhanced Nutritional Absorption

RTFeed HP’s innovative approach to nutritional support is epitomized in its simplified dosing regimen. Beginning with an initial dose of 50 ml, RTFeed HP gently introduces the body to its high-quality, pre-digested hydrolyzed protein. This careful introduction aids in acclimatizing the digestive system to the nutrient-rich formula, optimizing the body’s absorption process from the start.

Following the initial dose of 50 ml, a second dose of 100 ml is recommended after every two hours, meticulously designed to maintain optimal nutrient uptake. This dosing strategy is pivotal in ensuring that patients steadily receive the necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals essential for recovery and health maintenance. The goal is to complete one full bottle within the prescribed timeframe or as directed by a healthcare professional, tailoring the nutritional intake to the specific needs of each patient.

Comprehensive and Flexible Nutritional Solution

RTFeed HP is not just about high-quality ingredients; it’s about delivering these nutrients in the most accessible and efficient way possible. Suitable for both sip feeding and tube feeding, RTFeed HP offers unparalleled flexibility, accommodating the unique requirements and preferences of patients. With zero fat and carbohydrates, and being lactose-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, trans fat-free, and sugar-free, RTFeed HP is designed to fit a wide array of dietary restrictions, including those of diabetic patients.

The RTFeed HP Advantage:

Immediate Use: Ready-to-use formula, perfect for both clinical and home care settings.

Optimal Protein Absorption: 80 gm of pre-digested hydrolyzed protein for faster and more effective absorption.

Comprehensive Nutrition: Enriched with 29 vitamins and minerals, ensuring a balanced intake of essential nutrients.

High-Quality Protein: Achieves a PDCAAS score of ONE, indicating a complete amino acid profile for maximum nutritional benefit.

Convenience and Time-Saving: Liquid formulation prevents lump formation and simplifies the preparation process, saving valuable time.

Special Dietary Compatibility: Ideal for patients with specific dietary needs, including those requiring sugar-free options.

Empowering Patients Across Specialties

RTFeed HP is meticulously designed to meet the nutritional requirements of patients in Oncology, ICU, Surgery, Gastroenterology, and Neurology, among others. Its precise formulation supports critical care, aids in recovery, and enhances the nutritional status of patients with specialized dietary needs.

With RTFeed HP, embrace a solution where convenience meets quality, ensuring each patient receives the optimal level of nutritional support tailored to their recovery journey. Choose RTFeed HP for a simplified, efficient approach to clinical nutrition, paving the way for better health and well-being.


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