About Us

Clinical Nutrition

With in clinical nutrition, Burette Health is the only company in India who offer enteral nutrition  (Liquid and powder form) which can be administered as sip or tube feed via the gastrointestinal tract and  parenteral nutrition (administered intravenously)

Healthcare products

Burette Health will soon be offering products for fluid and blood volume replacement. Moreover, Burette Health’s product portfolio will include oncology drugs, anesthetics & analgesics, anti-infectives, critical care drugs. For the administration of these products, the company will also provide the related medical devices.

Nutritional supplements

Burette Health offers a broad range of nutritional products for the use of normal people who can not take adequate intake of calories according to their body requirement. It is very important to take all the macro nutrients (like Protein, fat and Carbohydrate), micro nutrients (Minerals and vitamins) and trace elements that enable the body to produce enzymes, hormones and other substances essential for proper growth and development. All the nutrients should be taken in a balanced amount so that you can remain fit and active despite of under nutrition or obesity both of the states comprises of malnutrition